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By The Uneducated One

Continued from yesterdays blog€¦.. 

Due to the continued concentration on the objective (goal),
the force of thoughts, words and actions taken to achieve
the objective, will set into motion the great Law of
Vibration and Attraction.

My participant interrupted, If I have learned the lessons
right, may I have the pleasure to explain what would happen
next?€ I nodded, with a smile. Confidently he said, The
Law of Vibration and Attraction would attract to you ideas,
people and circumstances that would assist you to achieve
your goals. Am I, right?€

I clapped my hand and said, Bravo!€ He then took a bow and
I shook my head laughing. I continued, My strong thoughts
have €˜attracted to me a few interesting people associated
with both organizations who share the same objectives.
Although skeptical in the beginning, day by day, they are
becoming more involved with my ideas as they, too, begin to
€˜see the wonderful RESULTS possible through these ideas.
They are also coming up with ideas on their own to help
lift both organizations out of their mundane existences.€

As I said this, my thoughts drifted away to these few
people who are putting in their best efforts without asking
anything in return, except the growth of both
organizations. Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt them in
my heart, grateful. My participant, gently, interrupted my
thoughts and requested that I continued. I took a deep
breath and said, Once the thoughts, words and actions are
sustained over a period of time, for an example three
months, depending on the force of the thoughts, this act
would set forth the Law of Sowing and Reaping into action.€

The Law of Sowing and Reaping would use the thoughts,
words and actions as seeds to be planted in two different
dimensions. First, in the micro, that is in the minds of
those who are originating these thoughts in the first
place, like me and those with me in my quest. It plants the
qualities such as positive thinking, risk taking, patience,
etc. For those who already have these qualities, it would
further reinforce these existing qualities in them. These
€˜sown qualities would grow and blossom to produce quality
€˜fruits. In other words, these qualities will €˜grow and
€˜blossom as time goes by, and become much more refined,
just like a seed growing into a tree and finally producing
fruits ripe enough to reap.€ I used my hands to illustrate
how a tiny seed grows into a huge tree.

After a pause, I continued, Secondly, in the macro, these
seeds which are combined thoughts, words and actions will
be planted in the €˜universe, at large. Since, energy is
neither created nor destroyed, these seeds exist as energy
at various different forms spread throughout the universe.
In the future, when a person or groups of people think of
similar thoughts, such as positive thinking, risk taking,
patience, etc, they will be in tune with these similar
forms of energy which have already been €˜sown in the
universe. They can draw on this energy to their bidding.€

My participant, who was silent all the while, suddenly
lightened up, Now, that is how Nature improves everything,
doesnt it? The thoughts of previous creative thinkers,
such as Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Van Gogh, Gandhi and
a host of others, are ever-present in this universe. Their
creative thoughts, ideas, bravery, patience, etc., can
easily be drawn upon by those who are in pursuit of
objectives that require such great qualities.€

To be continued tomorrow in Part 5€¦..

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