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By The Uneducated One

Continued from yesterdays blog€¦.. 

After having some tea, I continued. Through Law of Choosing, I
made a conscious decision to undertake the task entrusted. Thus,
in thoughts, words and actions I started pursuing my task,
wholeheartedly. This sets forth Law of Cause and Effect to work.

My fresh ideas, initiatives and efforts cause much chaos in the
current existing mundane vibrations in both organizations. The
new thoughts and efforts that have rejuvenation imprinted all
over it, creates plenty of excitement and of course the fear of

At this point, Law of Opposites comes into play. In any given
moment, in any scenario, in any person, in fact in anything in
this universe, there is always the element of positive and
negative as you would find in any atom. There would be those who
would be excited about the ideas and those who would be dead
opposed to it. Even those who are excited about the idea may not
be €˜actually excited about it!

For an example, the person may say that he supports the ideas
but in his heart he could be having doubts and fear for over
what the €˜old guards may say. Similarly, there could be some of
those who are dead opposed to the ideas but deep in them they
may ask, What if this is what we need? What if this works?€

Interesting isnt it?€ I asked my participant. He agreed and I
continued. The Law of Opposites teaches that this scenario
exists at many different levels for both the elements of
positive and negative. I looked at my participant and said, It
simply teaches one to learn to be humble and accept, and become
aware that there are many different facets to this universe.
Each and everyone is simply playing his or her roles,
accordingly, and must be given due respect. When we accept
people for who they are, it is much easier.€

At this point, my participant asked me, If there are many
against your initiatives, by €˜accepting them, how are you going
to achieve the objective.€ At this point I said, By accepting
them for who they are and also their opinions, I am simply
acknowledging that they have the right to be whoever they are
supposed to be. That does not mean, I am wavering or going to
waver from my objective. As I have said before in my classes,
obstacles are ways and means of Nature to €˜teach and €˜build
the inner you. I use their objections to further improve and
refine my ideas. The truth is, in many ways these people are
helping me! The common error most people make at this point is
to give up due to the insurmountable problem that they face, not
realizing that the obstacles are actually Natures way of paving
the path towards victory!€

I added, That does not mean I dont get frustrated. Believe me!
I do, especially when these people give the most ridiculous of
all reasons on why not to implement a beautiful idea!€ When I
said that, my participant laughed and so did I. As we calmed
down, I continued, However, I get over it very fast as I am
aware that Law of Opposites is at work, and instantly I would
look for the lessons Nature is teaching me through the
objections. For an example, at one time, I faced so much of
obstacles from the Headquarters of both organizations that I
decided to work with the branches, instead! And, voila! There
was overwhelming response from the branches, and in a short
period we managed to carry out a few projects. Although, there
was fear of repercussions from the Headquarters, they still went
ahead with the ideas and are slowly reaping the benefits, now!€

My participant nodded and quipped, I am sure the Headquarters
would be kicking themselves for not agreeing to changes,
earlier!€ I smiled and said, Actually, it doesnt matter
because change is inevitable! The reason is the fifth law of
Nature, Law of Vibration and Attraction!€

To be continued tomorrow in Part 4€¦..

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