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By The Uneducated One

Continued from yesterdays blog€¦.. 

Dear readers, by now, you should be able to tell what role I am
to assume in this scenario; firstly, I am suppose to infuse new
ideas into my Masters organization and bring back its €˜fire.
Following that is the task of getting this person to come €˜home
to manage it, as per my Masters wish. After that, all will be
according to Natures plan. The whole thing sounds like a movie,
doesnt it? Anyway, I would say that this is an unenviable task
that I am entrusted with!

For the last four months, I have been facing obstacles, every
step I take! It has been truly trying! It has exhausted not only
me, but also my Advance class participants who have volunteered
to help me in this mission. Both organizations have become so
rigid that there was no flexibility at all; every single
approach needed to go through endless bureaucratic process. If
not that, then there was this €˜silent yet deafening question of
What do I get out of this?€ in most of the €˜old guards minds.

About two days back, one of my Advance group participants asked
me, Why do you still continue with this task even though you
face such phenomenal obstacles, especially from the very people
who are supposed to be advancing your Masters teachings?€ I
smiled and said, It is the WORD that I have given, my friend,
and that matters!€

To this he replied, You have put in so much of effort, spent a
lot of money and your time, yet there seem to be more people
against your efforts. On top of that, there is hardly any
recognition; there seem to be more criticisms thrown at you,
especially from those who are not comfortable with changes.€ I
liked the way he put it, true and yet harsh. Then comically, in
a Yoda-like (Star Wars) voice I said to him, Much to learn you
have, my young padawan!€ (By the way, I think padawan€ means
student). Both of us laughed at that.

Then, on a serious note, I explained to him how Natures Laws
work, here. I said, My dear friend, what matters most to me is
the word that I have given. Recognition is not what I expect,
here. Long before there were written contracts, the worth of a
person is based on the word that he or she gives and keeps!
Nowadays, it pains my heart when I see even family members have
written contracts! Gone were the days when keeping ones word is
called honorable. I take pleasure, though, in knowing some
people who keep the words of their forefathers and continue
carrying out the word. These days, everything needs to be
documented and written down! Even after that, it will be
challenged! Utter rubbish, I would say!€

After a long pause, I said, It would be really nice to have a
world where one can totally trust anothers word. I am just
starting with myself, in the hope more would do so in times to
come.€ He nodded, understood.

I continued, Natures Laws are deeply at work, here. In the
olden days, the spiritual Masters would select their disciples
carefully. This is to ensure that the disciple who is to receive
the training is truly prepared and would use the knowledge,
selflessly. The Masters would never expect anything in return.
In fact it is they who would spend money on the disciples who
needed them. Sad to say, the same cannot be said about nowadays
so called pseudo-masters, who count the money they receive first
before giving blessings!

In the olden days, normally, the disciple, out of deep respect
and love would provide their Masters with whatever they needed.
However, there is an unspoken rule that the last instructions of
the Master should be carried out by the disciple. My master
belonged to this olden day masters. And as per Law of Energy
Returns Back to Source, the cycle would complete only when I
fulfill my Masters wishes. He taught me well, and it is only
proper of me to do His bidding, accordingly. My participant

To be continued tomorrow in Part 3€¦..

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