PostHeaderIcon Yes, I Am Still Here, Alive And Kicking! (Part 1)

By The Uneducated One

My dear readers, as the title goes, I am still around albeit
with more tasks and responsibilities, in hand, which have been
occupying much of my time and space, these days.

I have been working with my editor to adjust my blogging to fit
into my tight schedule. Dear readers, please be patient with my
unpredictable presence. At this moment, I have agreed to work on
the idea to blog at least once a week. Whenever possible, I will
update on the last few months. Thank you, it feels good when
someone enjoys reading my blogs, and actually waits expectantly
for the updates!

What new tasks and responsibilities, you may wonder? I dont
mind sharing, here, but real names will not be revealed.
Currently, most of my Personal Coaching participants are doing
well. They are making progress, steadily. Over the last four
months, a few of them went through phenomenal obstacles, but
they prevailed. Perseverance! I will blog in detail over their
progress, in time.

The new tasks involve my spiritual Masters wishes. My master
passed on in the year 1994; to be precise it was on the morning
of the 20th November 1994. The night before He left His body, I
was with Him. It was a highly memorable night for me, and an
extremely important one, too. I received specific instructions
from my Master, but due to my limited awareness at that time, I
could not fully grasp the message behind the instructions.

However, I was very much aware that I would face plenty of
obstacles in carrying out His instructions: I was also aware
that these obstacles would be Natures way of €˜building me from
within. I have blogged on some of the experiences here, 26th
December 2006
. These difficult periods have taught me great
patience, endowed me with wisdom and, most importantly, revealed
much about my own self that I was not aware of; my inherent
talents and also the darker side of me!

The other part of my Masters message became apparent to me only
a few years back, to be precise 2005. It has to do with
revitalizing the organization that He had established for the
purpose of creating world peace. After my Master passed on,
there was no one who really took the effort to continue His
work. I, on the other hand, was working on my Masters strict
instructions to continue my meditation and build a solid
foundation for myself, to ultimately pursue what I came here to
do; whatever that is, I wonder?!

There is one person, though, who took some effort to continue my
Masters work. He was my Masters most ardent and foremost
disciple. He learnt at the feet of my Master for a very long
time, long before me. However, his sincerest efforts to help my
Masters organization were met with much resistance from the
€˜old guards of the organization.

As he did not wish to cause any problems, he left, quietly. He
continued to practice and carry out my Masters teachings in his
own way, and ensured that he did not cross the path of my
Masters organization and its €˜old guards. I have blogged here,
about this great man, whom I consider a bona-fide Master.

Now, over the years, due to lack of fresh new ideas and also the
self-interest of a few individuals, my Masters organization has
started to lose its grip. My Masters wish was that this person
headed the organization. But, this is where the problem is. This
person has established his own organization. It has been in
operation for many years, now.

The irony is, his organization is also facing similar problems
as my Masters organization. From my observation, I would say
that the problems in these two organizations arise due to
rigidity, lack of fresh ideas, lack of funds and the
ever-present €˜old guards who simply would not allow new ideas
to be infused! On top of all these noticeable problems, the most
prominent is how both managements regard each other; they simply
cant agree with each other, especially the €˜old guards!

To be continued tomorrow in Part 2€¦..

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