PostHeaderIcon Why I Stopped Conducting My Classes? Part 1

Greetings, my friends! It has been a long time since I blogged and, yes, much has happened. It has been over two years, now, since I stopped conducting my Motivational and Awareness based programs. Some of my former participants and friends called my wife and me, personally, to find out why I quit, especially, when the classes were doing well and many were gaining knowledge and experience through the classes. Some were also worried about my health.

I truly appreciate the love and concern of all, thank you. It feels good to know that people care and what I had done mattered and helped them grow.

The truth is my heart had always wanted me to stop conducting the classes for quite some time. I was conveniently delaying it, but one day it gave me an ultimatum; stop or it will forever stay silent! Thats when I decided, firmly, to just put an end to the classes.

Dear friends, it is my spiritual heart that has made me who I am, today. I had just surrendered myself to its will and have always listened to it without asking any questions. The heart may seem illogical to the mind, at times, but it has led me to a path thick with knowledge, experience and awareness, that knows no bounds. The hearts wisdom remains supreme. I have listened to it since the moment I asked the thundering question Who Am I?€ at a young age of 18, during an interesting debate with one of my lecturer in school. I have detailed an account of this incident under Foreword€ of my first book Awareness Series: Book 1: The Seven Basic Laws of Nature€

It has been a mind-boggling roller-coaster ride, since. It still is, very much. However, I am much more matured, now, emotionally. This makes it easier for me to constantly have a smile on my face whether the heart gives a joyful or painful experience. It has brought me to unknown depths and greater heights. Words simply fail to explain how much it had helped shape my thinking and also lead me, step by step, to higher states of awareness.

I have chronicled a summarized version of some of the experiences in my blog here 26/12/2006 to 31/12/2006. Lets get back to the question, Why I Stopped Conducting My Classes?€ I quit with a vague awareness of why my heart wanted me to do so; I did not know the in-depth reasons, though.

In the last two years, my spiritual heart has been gently teaching€ and showing€ me why it wanted me to stop the classes. The reason was simple; THE NEED TO CHANGE€. The change€ in both myself and my participants! Yes, it is about the €˜heart and €˜change.

..To be continued in Part 2.

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