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By The Uneducated One

19 May 2008, was Wesak Day, a full-moon day that commemorates
the three important events in the life of Buddha €“ His birth,
Enlightenment and Passing Away. Malaysia has been observing
Wesak Day as a public holiday since 1962, in recognition of
Buddhism being the religion with second largest following in
this country. And in year 2000, United Nations declared Wesak
Day as the official Buddhist holiday, internationally.

As for Mutiara Power Packed Training Programs, we always take
this opportunity to promote our products and services at the
open stalls at the Maha Vihara Buddhist temple, Kuala Lumpur. We
have been doing this for the past four years, now; besides
promoting our products and services, it is also a wonderful form
of donation to the needy.






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This year, we had something new to offer to the public. Besides
promoting the existing products and services, we also promoted
our new product WEBSITE. Since the cost is less to sell products
on the net, we could afford to sell at really good price. The
e-package download consists of Awareness Series: Book 1: The
Seven Laws of Nature (PDF version), Audio book version (in mp3),
Audio seminar version (in mp3), and 26 premium newsletters. The
actual total worth would come to more than US$ 350; but, we are
selling the package for only US$ 27 on the net! On top of that,
we are also giving 75% commission to those who sell for us on
the internet! Please, do find the time to visit us at






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Besides promoting our new website, we distributed leaflets and
also had our products for sale. The crowd, in thousands, came
from all walks of life. Even though everyone came with a
different purpose, they all came in search of TRUTH, consciously
or unconsciously. I had a fantastic time watching this crowd and
being a part of the celebration.








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Now, what overwhelmed me the most was seeing my seminar
participants (old and new), who dropped by to promote Mutiara
Power Packed products and services. Everybody was helping on
volunteer basis, without expecting anything in return. The
burning sun did not seem to bother them; they continuously stood
in the sun and distributed leaflets without even a single sigh
or complain. I was deeply touched at their humbleness and in the
conviction they had in what they were doing.






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Each face I saw brought back memories. Yes, they have been
practicing Natures Laws and have grown so much amidst the
trials and tests in their lives. Keeping in align with the Seven
Basic Laws of Nature, they have evolved and progressed well over
the years; that thought alone literally brought tears of
happiness to my eyes. At that moment, my wife looked at me and
smiled. She nodded in understanding, a great satisfaction on her
face. She knew what I was thinking, At least, we have done
something right!€

Dear friends, all of you who volunteered at the stall on Wesak
Day, thank you very much. I truly appreciate your service, and
you will always be in my heart!

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