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By The Uneducated One

€˜Nature, Existence – Realizing the Link between Human Mind and
its Surroundings; that was the title of the tenth workshop I
conducted yesterday, Sunday 22 June, for the participants of my
public program. The short title was €˜The Unconscious Mind.

Since it was the final workshop for the group, the participants
were excited and sad at the same time. They had wonderful time
learning about natures laws and also discovering about
themselves in areas they could have never imagined. Most of them
were practicing the insights and lessons given throughout the
program, and they appeared as a great challenge to those who
chose to just €˜watch from the sideline.

Everybody cheered, though, as I announced that they were
welcomed to attend again all the workshops when we have them for
the new public program participants. Our next annual two-day
program €˜Bio-Cybernetics, Creating the Vibrant and Dynamic
Individual will be held on the 28 & 29 June 2008. It is a
program comprising of two full days, followed by ten workshops
to be conducted over a period of ten months. Click here for more
details of the program. By the way, we have one more seat left:
for those who wish to join the class, kindly contact us, and
discover the mystery of the program on your own!

There was great excitement as I spoke about the unconscious mind
in this workshop. My participants felt as though they were
transported into a different time and space altogether. They
were listening with much awe when I explained how the
unconscious mind reveals by unfolding itself to those who
PRACTISE Natures Laws with AWARENESS. I took the liberty to
share with them my personal experiences regarding this topic,
and I could see how everyone was sincerely trying to relate the
insights given to his/her personal self. I also explained that
the path leading to the unraveling of the unconscious mind
seriously requires one to WALK THE PATH, not just stuffing
oneself up with all kind of knowledge and remain a €˜library!

It felt really good to have completed another class; a very
satisfying feeling that I have carried out my duty properly. I
always talk to my participants about the importance of carrying
out ones duty properly and with total awareness. The best way
to DISCOVER TRUTH is by carrying out ones duty faithfully,
never does it come by merely seeking! The word €˜duty is
conveniently misinterpreted by many; most of the time €˜duty is
defined as some €˜big job with €˜big responsibility.

Dear readers, DUTY is anything that one is supposed to carry out
at that moment of time; it could be as simple as sweeping the
floor or as complex as defending the nation in a war, both are
important and should be carried out properly with total

An eight-year old son of a friend put it simply, Mum, I feel if
everyone does ones duty properly, then, the whole world will be
in harmony.€ My friend asked the son, So, what is your duty?€
He replied while jumping on a mattress, My duty, now, is to
play, play, and play some more and€¦of course, to finish school.€
If only everyone could remember that it is that simple!

Later, in the still of the night, in my bed, I looked out of the
window at the clear sky and asked, How many more classes, my
dear Master?€ I fell asleep, peacefully.

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  • suresh says:

    thanks for the blog….enjoyed reading it master…thanks lot for everything…..nature has been very kind..thanks lot and hopefully your classes still continues….thanks lot

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