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By The Uneducated One

Today, I had an encounter that best describes the above topic.
The encounter took place during lunch.

I made some serious money in the markets this morning. I was in
the so-called €˜zone, usually talked about by successful people
from athletes to great businessmen and women. In that €˜zone,
one can never go wrong. Everything would be perfect and
flawless, from winning sports competitions and nailing the big

I was in that €˜zone, this morning. Everything I did was
perfect! I was truly amazed. I seemed to pick the chart bottoms
to buy and highs to sell in all the markets that I was trading.
My partner smiled and told me to just flow along while it lasts.
We had a good laugh! Later, I invited another rookie trader
under our training for lunch. He declined to join us. I was
taken aback; normally he would be eagerly waiting to join us for
lunch because thats when he learned about the market from our
conversations and discussions.

However, this time he declined. I felt vibes of negativity in
him. My partner, whom I believe sensed it too, quickly cheered
up the chap and convinced him to join us for lunch. We had lunch
at Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant in Berjaya Times Square,
Kuala Lumpur. My partner and I joked about the events in the
morning and speculated whether it would continue in the

As we quieted down, I asked the rookie trader who was silent all
the while, what was bothering him. He was just waiting for us to
ask. The moment we gave the green light, he just poured what was
in his heart. Apparently he lost aplenty over the last one week
in the markets. He was seriously considering quitting the game.
He went on and on about how he was cursed: he felt whatever he
did would only cause him to lose more money. My partner and I
were silent as we listened for the next ten minutes.

After a while, he became silent. My partner said to him that in
no way we were going to sympathize with him! He was shocked. I
said to the rookie trader that over the last one month he had
been thinking and talking negative stuff more often than he
knew. It was his negative thoughts and words that brought that
present setback in his life. My partner told him off to start
thinking positively and say positive words. I said, My friend,
you have lost the battle even before you get into the ring, to

He felt it was difficult for him. My partner said, Well, since
when has it ever been easy in this business? The markets have a
mind of its own with so many peoples thoughts, words and
actions contributing to its movement. It is not like we have
never lost before. The only difference is that we never let any
defeat to demoralize us. In fact, it dares us further to go and
win it back and continue. It is your attitude, my friend. It
simply sucks! You got to stop complaining, wake up and start
having the winning mentality and learn to look at the brighter
side of life! It is your choice!€

I think my partners wise and sharp advice started to sink into
the rookie trader. He sat up and started to ask us where we felt
he went wrong. I looked at him and smiled. My thoughts went back
many years back to the point when I was also going through what
he was going through at that moment. It was tough. But if you
dont give in to setbacks, you will get to experience and become
aware of the beauty of Nature; it always has someone in sight to
help you go through the most difficult of situations.

Later, we headed back to the trading room. I was no more in that
€˜zone, but I did make more money. In the evening, the rookie
trader came into our room smiling, and said that he had made
some small money. My partner and I smiled and congratulated him.

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  • Baljit says:

    Great. Wonderfuly. Simply amazing, how a change from negative to positive can cause change in the situation. Nature certainly has its ways…

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