The following are the seven frequently asked questions about The
Uneducated One:

1. Why do you use the name, The Uneducated One€ and not your
real name? Why are you hiding behind the name? Why not just
simply use your own name?

First and foremost, I would like to point out that my name is
stated in the book, albeit in small print. I am the trademark
holder of The Uneducated One€. It is my personal belief that
the message is far more important than the messenger. Although
the messenger is important, but he is just an instrument of
which the message flows through. It was my sincere hope that the
reader would concentrate more on the book rather than on me, the
author. That was the original reason why I used The Uneducated
One€, thinking that no one would really take notice of it or
even bother about it. That is the truth.

For the record, I have conducted more than 1000 seminars over
the years on this subject of awareness, on the workings of The
Seven Basic Laws of Nature, in my home country, Malaysia. My
clients include individuals and multi-national companies. I am
more known as The Uneducated One€ than my own name. As such,
the subject of my hiding away from the world does not arise.
2. How and when did the name The Uneducated One€ come to exist?

Well, the truth is, it first started out as a joke! About 11
years ago, I began to talk about the intimate workings of these
laws to those close to me. As my wife was listening to me
attentively, suddenly she exclaimed, That means, a person would
have to first un-educate himself or herself, before he or she
can re-educate himself or herself with natural laws.€ Then,
without blinking, she looked at me and said, Then you must be
€˜The Uneducated One!€ And we both burst out laughing, thinking
and feeling what a weird name that was. But the name stuck with
me ever since.

3. What is your goal of writing the book, Awareness Series:
Book 1: The Seven Basic Laws Of Nature€?

My goal in writing this book is to guide the reader towards
becoming aware of the very heart and soul of the laws of nature,
the basic seven. These laws govern every aspect of a persons
life. The proper use of these laws, in a positive way, would
help one to achieve his or her goals in all areas of life;
happiness, health, mind, family, wealth, social and spiritual.

This book, its e-book version, the audio CDs of the book and the
audio seminar CDs, all other books in the Awareness Series, and
the training programs that I conduct are all a part of my
greater goal in life; that is creating awareness on the
existence of The Seven Basic Laws of Nature in every single
person on this planet, so that each and everyone can improve the
quality of his or her own life, live in harmony with one another
and also with all other species on this planet.€

I believe, eventually, one day, the consciousness of the people
of the world would grow high enough to enable this to happen.
Although, I may not see it happen in my lifetime or who knows, I
may see it happen in my lifetime, I am contented playing my role
in making the goal a reality.

This has been my goal, ever since I became aware of the
existence of The Seven Basic Laws of Nature, through experience
and awareness. I cherish this deep in my heart. The books and
the seminars, especially the book €˜The Seven Basic Laws of
Nature, have helped countless number of people from all walks
of life. Students, company employees, insurance agents,
managers, CEOs, businessmen and women, motivation trainers,
professionals, lecturers, lawyers, families, married couples,
singles, organizations and many more have benefited from it. It
has been more than ten years now since I had embarked on this
journey and I am more and more committed to make this goal a

4. What is special about your book? How is it different from the
other books in the market that talk about Natures Laws?

Every book is unique by itself. That which is different and
special about my book is; it speaks more of the practical
aspects of The Seven Basic Laws of Nature rather than its
philosophy. It gives plenty of day-to-day examples that anybody
can relate to. The examples given, especially under the Law of
Cause and Effect, would create phenomenal amount of awareness in
the readers on how these Natures laws either bless or cause
havoc in their life. A greater realization is, the readers would
slowly become aware that in many ways, they themselves cause the
positive and negative events in their lives through their own
thoughts, words and actions. As awareness dawns, positive
changes take place from within. It is not like someone is
telling you to change, but you change because deep within you,
YOU want to change.
5. Is this a religious book?

No. This is definitely not a religious book.

The book is based on universal TRUTH. By that, I mean truthful
thoughts, truthful words and truthful actions. For example, when
you have done something positive, and you are being
congratulated, say thank you€ and be finished with it; and if
you do something negative, acknowledge by saying I am sorry€
and ensure you learn from the mistake and do not repeat it. It
is that simple. I believe the world would be a better place if
one can put the ego aside and practice the above, truthfully.

I want to make it very clear that I am NOT starting a new
religious group or cult or sect through this book. My principle
is Stay in your own religion and attain salvation in your own

As far as the book is concerned, if it is applied properly in a
persons day-to-day life, it would improve the quality of the
life of the reader.

6. You seem to use the word awareness frequently. What is the
difference between motivation and awareness?

Motivation is similar to running a 100 meters race, and
awareness is similar to running a marathon. They are both unique
and play important roles in a persons life.

Motivation provides sudden burst of energy when needed. That is
the reason companies send their marketing people for motivation
training programs, especially when they have sales targets and
deadlines to meet. This gives them the extra dose of motivating
energy. But, it does not last long. It would be just enough to
complete the current task in hand.

Awareness provides constant and lasting energy. It develops
ones stamina to undergo this great journey called life. It
requires extraordinary stamina to sustain lifes pains and
pleasures, victories and defeats, positives and negatives, good
and bad, and so on. Over a long period of time, it accumulates
Natures lessons in life using its tools, knowledge and
experience, and slowly transforms the person into a wise man or

Motivation guided by awareness can create phenomenal SUCCESS in
a persons life. As such, both play important roles in the life
of a person.
7. How does this book help the readers achieve their goals in

The major reason why people do not achieve their goals is
because they themselves do not allow themselves to achieve their
goals! As ridiculous as it may sound, that is the truth!

Most people are living their lives like driving a car pressing
the accelerator and the brakes together! They press the
accelerator because they have goals. It could be any goal, for
example on becoming a millionaire or simply reaching home safely
after a long day at work. Then, without awareness, they press
the brakes at the same time.

They do this without realizing. Just imagine what would happen.
Due to the extreme stress on the engine, the car may break down;
or due to the extreme stress on the brakes, the brakes may jam
up. Thus, the car cannot be controlled and may get involved in
an accident.

Similarly, this is what happens in a person. The person may have
a goal, complex or simple, but due to his negative thoughts,
words and actions, he stops himself from achieving his goals.
The contents of this book help one to become aware of the
positive and negative thoughts, words and actions that they
produce in their daily life. These thoughts, words and actions
are normally done without awareness. The daily moment-by-moment
thoughts, words and actions in ones life combined, actually
contribute to the success and failure in life.

As such, when a person becomes aware of it, he could and would
manage his life far better, achieve the goals much faster and
the quality of the goal achieved would be much higher.

In other words, you would know when to press the accelerator and
when to press the brakes! This book sheds light on how to do the
above in ones life.

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