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By The Uneducated One

As I sat down to blog, I felt my heart overflowing with love. I
am excited about what I am going to share with my dear readers,
in this blog. Yesterday, 11th May 2008, was Mothers Day. Yes, I
am going to talk about the two great ladies I admire and love
very much; my mother-in-law and my own mother.

My wifes mother, my mother-in-law, passed away a few years back
after succumbing to cancer. She was a brave lady. She and her
husband were the pillars of strength of their family. They
raised seven children in much difficulty and yet managed to
bring them up well. Each of them is doing well in life, today.

My mother-in-law was a very wise woman; her wisdom and the love
in her heart kept her calm and peaceful at all time.

I will always remember the moment I first met her. My wife
(then, girlfriend) was a little nervous introducing me to her
family. In the Indian culture, it takes grand guts to introduce
ones lover to the family members before marriage. The famous
question forwarded to the couples would be, So, whats next,
wedding?€ As predicted, her father, too, asked the same.

I was being truthful and said, I need some time to develop my
business and I, personally, feel that marriage is a decision for
me and your daughter to make, and nobody elses!€. Now, that was
bold and it made her family very uneasy. As they were about to
voice out their discomfort, my mother-in-law said something I
remember to this date, I have absolute faith in my daughters
choice. I have raised her well, as such, I know she would choose
the right man and I support that with all my heart. No more
questions. Now, young man, have some food.€ She continued
serving the food to everyone at the table. And nobody said
anything! Frankly, she caught me off- guard with that statement!

Over the years, she amazed me with her wisdom while advising her
children and other family members. She taught me a lot; about
bringing up a family, a big one at that, with wisdom and love
without losing temper to trying situations. She knew that what
mattered most in a family is LOVE. Even during her last days,
despite the unbearable pain, she continued her duty with a calm
face and advised her children to remain brave. She requested for
only one thing throughout the time I knew her, Son, always keep
my daughter happy. That is all I ask of you€. My mother-in-law
occupies a great place in my heart.

Now, my mother; a soft spoken person, most would not even notice
when she is around. However, she has nerves of the steel. She
has stood by my father all the years and still does. She had
never doubted any goals or vision that my father set for them to
grow. In the early days, they went through some serious tough
times. Somehow, they both managed to raise me and my younger
brother to where we are, today. And, yes, we are both doing well
in life.

When I was staying with my parents, I was writing customized
software, my mother would make sure that I ate on time and had
proper sleep. She will always be my number one fan. She always
believed in what I do and also some of my crazy ideas. Her
favourite line is, I have absolute faith that you will always
be successful working out any ideas that come to you.€ I always
made it a point to tell her whatever new projects that I was
going to start, seeking her sincere blessings. And her response
has always been, Do you have to ask, Son? My blessings are
always there for you!€

My mother is truly an enigma. Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I
took her out for shopping. We did some serious shopping, buying
clothes, sarees, shoes, etc. She was a little disappointed that
my father could not join us as he was held up with an
appointment at that moment. Later, we had a quiet dinner at one
of Kuala Lumpurs oldest yet well known restaurant, Colliseum

After that, we picked up my father after his appointment, and we
dropped by my aunties place for a while. Just as we were about
to leave, sending my parents home, I captured my mothers smile
in my heart, a smile of an angel. That is who she is to me, an

Dear Mother, I may not say this often but; You are my angel. I
love you very much. Happy Mothers Day!€

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