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By The Uneducated One

Yesterday, 14th September, I conducted money awareness workshop.
The seminar fell on the right time, since, at this moment the
world economy is slowing down.

There were many interesting questions from the floor, especially
questions on the various types of investment opportunities with
their pros and cons.

Basically, my message in the seminar was to cultivate the habit
of saving before thinking about investing. I made it a point to
advise those who are in debt to quickly settle that, first. I
spoke about shares, mutual funds, bonds and many other forms of
investments. There was also an interesting topic with regards to
properties and jewelry.




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I shared my view with the audience on that matter, I owned a
few properties in the past, but I have reduced them to just a
few, now. Years ago, a great realization dawned upon me; when
more properties are being built, the space for trees and other
animals to live on is slowly, but surely, reduced. Some people
buy a great number of properties to end up staying in only a
few, the rest left unattended. Presently, there is over
development in many parts of the world. At the same time, the
development is not balanced around the world. And sadly, great
numbers of old forests are being cleared in the name of

Eventually, what we do to others will come upon us€. This
philosophy is not only for humans, but also the plants and
animal kingdom. In fact, it applies to anything and everything
existing in this universe, at all levels! That is why I am not
much in favor of owning too many properties. Anyway, this is my
personal opinion.€

With regards to jewelry, there are many who hoard on these
precious metals. Some own too much of jewelry that they are
perpetually in fear that they would be robbed. To feel safe,
they lock the jewelry up in the bank, and they end up stagnating
there without serving any purpose.€

Dear friends, gold and diamond and other precious metals are not
easily available; they are embedded deep in the earths crust to
hold the earth together as EARTH itself! Thats their real
purpose of existence, and not to be locked up in some bank

Personally, I feel that it is only wise and proper to own
jewelry, if you desire, in small quantities; hoarding does more
harm than good. My wife and I believe in leaving these precious
jewels in the earth itself so that they can serve their purpose
of existence; hence, we do not own any jewelry.

As human beings, I believe, we would prefer people to value us
based on who we are, not by how much jewelry we wear! I also
know of some people who buy jewelry with credit, and agonize
paying monthly!

However, dear friends, these are my personal views. You may not
agree with me, but this is how I look at the world, from the
eyes of Nature!

And yes, it was a wonderful Money Awareness€ workshop.

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