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By The Uneducated One

I was in Kuantan, today, to conduct the follow-up workshop for
the two days program we did for Teras Dara Sdn. Bhd, earlier. I
have blogged about it here.

This workshop was on Relaxing the Human Mind, Goal-Setting and





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The insights and experiences I shared on Goal Setting and
Achieving€, got the participants glued to their seats. I said,
It is essential that one thinks, speaks and does his or her
best in whatever he/she is engaged in, whether at work or at
home. Please note, that energy is neither created nor destroyed,
but it merely changes form. All the energy (the goals that we
want to achieve) we need is already here; it is just in
different form. At the moment, the goals are formless, as

As energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is now up to you
to change this idea into form. To change formless into form, you
need to give it energy! How do you give€ energy to the idea?
Like I said, the whole universe is balanced. As you give€
yourself into living (through thought, speech and action) your
very best at your current work and at home, doing more than what
you are actually paid for, this positive energy (doing your best
at work and at home) leaves you.€

You are, then, reimbursed back by Nature as per the working of
Law of Energy Returns Back to Source. How does it reimburse€
you? Normally, it comes in the form of happiness, good health
and of course wealth. It would also take shape in the form of
goal that you have set for yourself, provided, your thoughts,
plans and ideas are always revolving around your goals and have
not strayed.€

Your positive giving€, puts the Law of Vibration and
Attraction into motion. Accordingly, people, ideas and events
that can help you achieve your goals will be attracted€ to you.
When you sincerely work on the ideas, with the people and the
events surrounding you, your formless goal will start taking
form and become REAL.€

I also stressed that the participants start immediately with
whatever they had on their plates. I encouraged them to work
hard to improve the quality of their job, improve the quality of
relationship with husband/wife and children, and also with other
family members. I reminded them that nothing comes by just
wishing; one has to take action by actually working on the

I had fun using my own experiences, relating to the topic of
discussion, on how I worked on achieving my goals, in the past:
this included my software business, Safety and Health seminars,
motivational and awareness seminars, futures trading,
telemarketing, and others.

The various questions from the participants made the session
lively. Later in the afternoon, we headed back home. As we were
about to reach Kuala Lumpur, Ramesh brought us to one of the
mountain peaks in Ampang, about 20km from the heart of Kuala
Lumpur. While enjoying food in one of the restaurants there, we
feasted our eyes on the beautiful city skyline as the sun set. I
have posted the photos below. Enjoy!








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