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By The Uneducated One

In my last blog, I stated that I was not well. It was truly
touching when I received calls from
friends/readers/participants, enquiring about my health.

Thank you. It feels good when someone expresses ones feeling that
he/she cares. Yes, at this moment, I am feeling much better. I
am back on duty, now; nothing could make me more alive.

I had an interesting week. My dads birthday was on June 4th. I
and my wife were at his place and celebrated his birthday with
some close family members.



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Something very interesting happened on that day. I and my wife
turned up late as we were caught in a massive traffic jam. The
jam was caused by a substantial increase in fuel price. The
Malaysian Government decided to hike up the price to almost 40%
(in Malaysia, fuel is subsidized). As the new higher price was
to take effect the next day, everyone rushed to the petrol
kiosks to fill up their tanks, by midnight! So, the town (in
fact, the whole nation) was €˜alive with unhappy people crowding
petrol stations to fill up their tanks to the maximum.

We were not the only one late for the party; everybody who
turned up late for the gathering blamed it on the traffic jam.
My father was amused and said, This birthday will always be
remembered by all of us; the sudden rise in oil price and the
massive traffic jam!€ We all laughed at that.

Later, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised when my cousin,
Kavitha, lighted up another cake. Her husband, Jega, she and my
parents remembered that the next day, June 5th was my beloved
wifes birthday! Although everyone was tired, they stayed back
until the clock struck 12 midnight to celebrate her birthday. My
wife was full of joy, even though she couldnt keep her eyes
open after a long day at work. Going home late, both of us
smiled to each other, with great joy in our hearts.





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On her birthday, the next day, June 5th, I took her out for a
late dinner at Victoria Station Steakhouse, followed by a movie,
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It was a good movie. I
am glad I took some time off to be with her. We had an amazing
time, together.

As I reflect back on both these birthdays, now, I am realizing
something extremely important that I have been neglecting,
lately€¦.spending quality time with my family. Both my mother and
wife quietly expressed their feelings how much they missed
spending time with me, the past two months.

I suppose this is what Nature was trying to tell me when I fell
ill last week. Actually, I too, miss spending time with all the
people I love, especially my beloved wife. Of course, I will
make time to catch up with this! Thank you, Nature, for
reminding me.

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