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By The Uneducated One

Dear readers, my site,, got hacked
recently. That was the reason for, Site is down for
maintenance€, if you had tried accessing to my blog site.
Hereby, please excuse me for the delayed posting.

It was a unique experience, though. I have heard and read about
€˜being hacked, and often wondered about it and felt sorry for
those involved. I never really understood the matter much; I
thought the site would just go haywire and needed to be
shutdown, clear the malicious codes installed by hackers,
restart the website and that would be it.

However, with my own experience, I learnt that it is much more
complicated than that! Over the last few weeks, I had serious
headache trying to solve this problem. My site loading slowed
down tremendously and some of the functions like clicking on
previous months posting did not work. It was as though the whole
site was shutting down, slowly.

I am thankful to my friend, Steven Fu
(, who helped me handle this
problem. I managed to discover the malicious codes that appeared
in the .php files. Strange though, when I removed the malicious
codes from my site, they kept re-appearing a few hours later!

After consulting the company that hosts my site, I changed all
my passwords and cleared the codes again. I thought the problem
was finally solved. When I checked in again later, the codes
reappeared! I simply could not believe it! I could only shake my
head and smile. At the back of my mind, I was silently asking
Nature what it was teaching me by giving me this problem.

Later, while discussing with Steven and the hosting company, we
decided to upgrade my blog site. As I use Word Press
(, I looked for the latest upgrade available and
with Stevens help upgraded it. After that, for about a week, it
seemed to be okay. Maybe, there were some loopholes in the
earlier version that the hacker(s) could have exploited.

You would, now, notice that my site appears simpler without the
picture of the white tiger and the site has bare minimum
information on the left and right sidebars. I will slowly update
them as I become more confident that the hacker problem is
solved. Please bear with me, dear readers. I will also update on
the last few weeks blogs.

Well, what did I learn from this lesson, technically? Change
passwords often and, of course, always upgrade to the latest

At a deeper level, I am aware of the message Nature is giving
me. Over the last two years, I have been spending a lot of time
and energy, working with my Personal Coaching participants,
helping them grow in their business and personal life. After
getting similar messages€ from Nature, I slowed a little to
spend more time with my family, especially my parents.

Now, I get the real message. Actually, it has been some time
since I spent any time with myself; getting to know my SELF
more, my spiritual growth. As I looked around me, I became aware
that most of my Personal Coaching participants are doing much
better, now. As such, I am starting to adjust my schedules to
include more time for myself, and also to go deeper into

Dear readers, I shall continue to post my experiences in this
blog site. Hacked or not hacked, this blog site shall always be
in existence as long as it benefits mankind!

* Please note that my first book, Awareness Series: Book 1: The
Seven Basic Laws of Nature€ can be bought in the e-package form

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  • Edward says:


    Welcome back again. Glad to see the site is up again. Hope to hear from you soon with more updates from u.

    Best regards,

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