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By The Uneducated One

Two days ago, 16th February 2008, two of my Training Program
participants who are also our good friends, Gengkes and Selvi,
got married. I first met these wonderful souls when I did a
training program for the company that they were both working

Both of them are very simple by nature, with serious ambitions
to succeed in life. With this burning desire in their heart,
they signed up for my Personal Coaching program after finishing
my two-day program and ten-month workshops.





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I have observed that they are highly determined and sincere
individuals. They work hard, and never give up on their goals,
no matter how trying the obstacles were. These are the true
characters of people who will achieve their goals.

Currently, Gengkes teaches chess on a part-time basis during
weekends. Selvi also has her own home tuition business that she
does on part-time basis during the weekends.

Practicing Natures Laws, seriously and faithfully, have allowed
them to grow individually and together in a very evolving
manner. They have also been a good role model to the people
around them, especially their family members. They dont just
preach the truth, they walk the talk!

I am truly proud to be your friend, and thank you for inviting
me to your wedding, Gengkes and Selvi. I wish you both a
wonderful and happy married life. Both of you will always be in
my good thoughts.

Dear readers, Gengkes is the owner of CHESSMASTER and offers
chess classes for adults as well as children. He can be
contacted at 012-6507802. Meanwhile, Selvi is the owner of GOSA
and provides home tuition services. She teaches children in a
very unique way that enables children to learn and remain
motivated at the same time. She can be contacted at

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