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By The Uneducated One

Saturday morning, 14th June 2008, I was at Sunway Pyramid
Starbucks. My wife and her company staffs were off to Sunway
Lagoon Theme Park for some fun.

I just wanted to rest, have my favorite Frappachino coffee and
work on my blogs, and at the same time work on a new seminar I
am planning to conduct (will talk about this in a later blog).
Later, I had lunch appointment with one of my Personal Coaching
participants. I met him at 1pm at my favorite restaurant, Tony
Romas; the €˜Asian Salad there is fantastic, try it!

Now, coming back to my participant who is also a friend; he was
in some serious problem called €˜caught in comfort zone! This is
not the ordinary €˜comfort zone that we all refer to; it is
different type of €˜comfort zone! Let me explain.

My friend was cheated off his money by various so-called
partners who had totally left him dry. He was in the rut for
about a couple of years with no proper job. The first time I met
this friend, I was aware that he possessed a special skill that,
if used wisely, could earn him serious money! My apologies, dear
readers, I am not at a liberty to mention his skill as he is now
a well-known figure.

True to my judgment, as he worked with the idea I gave; that is
to work with the skill that he had, he was well on his way to
achieve his success. However, over the last few months he had
slowed down, tremendously. He had less jobs coming in and the
situation was only diverting him away from his goals.
Previously, during his down period, he owed some money to the
banks which he was doing his best to settle. All was going well,
until recently when everything seemed to plummet downwards,

Although I was quite aware of what was happening to him, I
waited for him to relate to me in his own words. After listening
to him, I said, Your problem, my friend, is that you have
fallen into your old comfort zone!€ He looked at me seriously,
implying that he was definitely not in a comfort zone! I

Firmly, I continued, You were in this situation earlier, and
this rut has€ become like a comfort zone to you! The last two
years, you took the chance to venture€ out from your comfort
zone, but now the pattern is repeating. Looks like, you are
falling€ into the same zone, again!€ He blinked in disbelief.

I asked him a few questions,

– Now, are you doing your work just for the money, rather than
for the love of it like when you first started?€
– Do you worry about your finances often, now? When you first
started your business, you did not really concentrate on it
because it gave you headache!€
– When you started, you did more work for your clients than you
were paid for. Let me guess, now, you do just enough or even
– When you started business, you were keen to meet new clients
and now you dread meeting them?€
– You feel helpless, frustrated and angry?€

He was shocked beyond words and obviously his answers were €˜YES
to all the questions! After reflecting back on his past, he
agreed; that was the situation he was in when he was in the rut!
I explained to him what was happening, When you were in the
rut, your physical senses and thinking ability recorded every
single difficulty you went through; being undermined by people,
lack of money, losing faith in people and yourself, etc.
Reliving these negativities, again and again for years, has left
a firm impression in your sub-conscious mind that you ARE these

The reason you were doing well the last two years was because,
you had a conscious motive; you had a goal to do well in life.
Constant focusing on this new goal brought out the talents
hidden deeply in your sub-conscious, and also to a certain
extent from the unconscious mind itself. However, the negative
impressions of the mind has not really left, they are still
alive. It is just like stubborn dirt on your shirt that does not
go away in one wash. The dirt needs several wash to come to a
clean state, and in fact, sometimes it remains as a stain! It
takes time to come to that €˜clean state, my friend.€

In your case, the moment you started to do well, you forgot to
concentrate on your goals, which are yet to be firmly impressed
in your sub-conscious mind. So, the negative impressions have
started to bubble up, slowly. That is why you are going through
this trying moments, now.€ He nodded in understanding, and asked
how to handle the situation.
I said, Just recreate the similar person you were when you
first started your business! FOCUS back on your goals, give more
than what you are paid for, choose to work from the HEART rather
than force yourself to do it, and most importantly, be
positively in-tune with the seven basic LAWS OF NATURE!€

Looking into his eyes, I said, Use the Law of Choosing
decisively, and let the Law of Vibration and Attraction do its
work and produce the RESULTS that you desire. Make sure YOU do
the choosing, or else your subconscious will choose for you!
Once you have firmly established the positive attitude in your
sub-conscious mind, you will be auto-cruised, then.  Meanwhile,
be careful with your thoughts.€ He thanked me, and took leave.

I returned to Starbucks to continue with my work. My wife picked
me up at 8pm and we headed to Mid Valley Gardens shopping
complex to watch the new movie Incredible Hulk€. The movie was
okay and I enjoyed Edward Nortons acting. We were home quite
late and tired, but it was an interesting day, indeed.

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