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By The Uneducated One

As the title suggests, Yours Truly was seriously clobbered by
the world markets last week. It had been a while since I got hit
this badly. The last was in 2001. But glad to say, my pockets
run deep. As such, I am doing fine, just bruised€ a little. The
bruise was necessary, I suppose.

Dear readers, I am fortunate that I learned about money
management quite early in my life. Over the years, I have saved
up and tucked away quite a substantial amount of money to
survive any unexpected storm.

Yesterday, I took some time off to analyze where things went
wrong. Most often, traders and investors fall into the trap of
blaming€ the markets, authorities, oil prices, etc., for their
losses in the markets. They forget that it was their sole
decision, in the first place, to get involved in the markets! As
such, it is not proper to blame anyone or anything for ones
loss. The wise act would be to accept responsibility for ones
actions and continue, bravely. ONLY then would one learn.

Anyway, I acknowledged and accepted what had happened. It was
not easy, though. I felt, if Nature had to hit me so bad, there
must be something that I was not giving importance to, or
blissfully ignoring, or delaying, or simply not aware of! As
such, I started to search deeply to see what Nature was trying
to teach me.

Firstly, the bizarre nature in which I lost money in the markets
was truly unexplainable. I was trading as usual; buying and
selling at key levels at which the chances were better to make
money. However, the unprecedented still took place; last week
99% of all my trades went the wrong way!

I checked and counter checked€¦..and realized, technically, there
was nothing wrong with my trading. The only logical error I
noticed was that I should have reduced my trading size more
aggressively when the losses began to grow. I did reduce,
though, but was not quick enough. I was a little slow in
reducing my trading sizes at each consecutive trade. On that, I
made a mental note to make sure that I would be more careful,
the next time.

But, it was still wacky to lose 99% of the trades! So, I began
looking into other areas of my life which I may have overlooked;
two matters became apparent to me. Firstly, over the last three
weeks, a few people had inquired me on the worrying state of the
world economy. I advised them to be prudent and prepared,
especially to have some solid cash in hand.

Now, my mind has always been firmly fixed on my goals. However,
I realized that as I was advising people to be more prudent, the
worrying state of the economy had slowly crept into my mind!
Though the effect was minute, it still created a certain anxiety
and fear in me, now and then.

Dear readers, as per Law of Vibration and Attraction, whatever
that you frequently think about (including worries) will attract
the similar RESULTS. So, I firmly corrected myself by fixing my
focus ONLY on my goals, everything unnecessary was weeded out.
Whenever that thought crossed my mind, I would gently cut it off
by focusing back ONLY on my goals. I also told myself over and
over again, Whatever the state of the world economy is, I WILL
still achieve my goals; NO IFs AND BUTs. Period!€

I also became aware of a second cause; I realized I was not
working on something my heart had indicated a few months back. I
was supposed to start an Advance Study Group, focusing on my
book, Awareness Series: Book 1: The Seven Basic Laws of
Nature€. It was supposed to be a no-nonsense class with serious
study and discussions with regards to understanding the inner
workings of these laws and how the laws guide to discover ones
individual role and purpose in this existence.

I have already done the ground work for the project with all the
relevant materials in hand, but since I was pre-occupied with
the markets, there is delay in the implementation. All I need to
do, now, is to organize the materials and the program would be
ready to take off. Yes, when the spiritual heart indicates
something, I have learnt to follow its wise instructions,
faithfully. As I realized this, I slapped my forehead and
laughed. I quietly reminded myself who the boss was!

Immediately, I called Kumaran of Mutiara Power Packed Training
Programs, the company that handles all my trainings and
seminars, and requested him to fix a time to start the class in
October 2008. At the moment, I am planning to have only one
session for year 2008. I told him that there should not be more
than 25 participants in a class. With a chuckle, Kumaran said
that there are many people already requesting for this class and
are just waiting to start. I shook my head in disbelief; how
could I have not been aware of that. Quietly, I told myself,
How foolish of me to delay this!€ I suggested that he started
arranging the necessary for the project to start off.

Later, I told my wife of what I became aware of. She laughed.
Looking into my eyes, the wise woman said, I suppose Nature
gave you a good knock on the head, didnt it? Nature, surely,
loves you very much!€

I replied, Oh, I have never doubted that, my beloved!€

Dear readers, I do not know what will happen next week. However,
I shall continue to observe my thoughts, words and actions,
study the world markets charts, indicators and continue to
search further what Nature has been trying to teach me through
last weeks incidents.

My sincere message in this entry is, BE RESPONSIBLE OVER YOUR

* Please take note that my first book, Awareness Series: Book
1: The Seven Basic Laws of Nature€ can be purchased in the
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