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By The Uneducated One

Recently, I met an old participant who had done well in his
life, and achieved some of the goals he had set for himself.
However, about three months back, he was hit hard by Nature.

Before meeting him, I was told that he was not doing well in
business. It seemed, most of his earliest clients (some large
portfolios) stopped dealing with him. Now, these clients
happened to be my friends, too. Relating to me, they felt he had
become money-minded and egoistic, dealing with them.

When I met up with this person, he confessed being egoistic as
he was scaling new heights. I smiled and shared with him my
experiences, One must never forget the past; where one comes
from and the humble beginnings. Those who had supported him/her
in the first place must always be high on the list. Of course,
they do not own you but it is your duty to repay their kindness
and be flexible to them, especially, when they need you.€

Although, I am financially well-off, now, and have scaled new
heights in the financial world, I have not forgotten my partner.
Wherever I am, or whoever I am with, I always make sure that he
gets the prominence, I being silent in the background, unless he
asks for me. Similarly, I am very generous to my spiritual
masters organization. Whenever they need help and look for me,
I will be there immediately to assist them in whatever possible
way. I also maintain close contact with my earliest business
clients who helped me in the beginning of my career. I make it a
point to check, every now and then, that they are doing fine.€

Over the years, especially during the 1998 asia financial crisis, I had the
opportunity to repay my business clients kindness by helping
them navigate out of the crisis and emerge stronger. All these
were done without any expectation. When they insisted that I
take payment for the work, I requested that they donate it to
their favorite charity. And they did, gladly. Now, a few have
already retired and two have passed away, but I still make
myself available for the family, in case they needed any

As I was relating my story, my participant had tears in his
eyes. He said, I regret over what has happened. The money I was
making turned me into an egoistic person. What do I do, now, my

I replied, gently, Just go back to the basics. ACCEPT the fact
that you have erred, and seek forgiveness from the people you
feel you have hurt. Be humble, and work towards doing your best
and earning their trust back. Thats all!€

He thanked me, and left. My thoughts drifted back to my old
clients, friends and my partner who were sincerely there for me,
in my early days. A deep sense of gratitude towards them
enveloped my heart.

Thank you, everyone! I appreciate your guidance.

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