WARNING! This is not a motivational-based audio. It is purely awareness-based. What is the difference – motivation & awareness? Motivational-based talks make you a short-term achiever..BUT..awareness-based talks make you a life-time achiever…………

Do you know that you have exactly EVERYTHING you need to live the life you want?

Do you know that you are far more powerful, creative and resourceful than you think you are?

Do you know that it is your birthright to live the exact life your heart desires?


ASK: Success is defined by YOU. No one else can define it for you. So, have you achieved the success you have defined for yourself? Try out this audio.

The TRUTH: When you are truly true to yourself – in thought, speech, and action – every single thing you desire in your life will come to manifestation. Dreams will not remain dreams. They come alive and you become your dreams. Try out this audio.

Take a moment, and visualize what it would be like if you:

  • could achieve EVERYTHING YOUR HEART desires
  • could tap into your pure CREATIVITY AND INFINITE RICHES to manifest your visions and dreams
  • became the captain of your own destiny and steered yourself to exactly where you want to be

This is exactly the audio you need to create that CHANGE to live the successful life you desire.



How I Became a Millionaire – crazy but very TRUE (Audio) is a structured audio program. Speaker brings you on a roller-coaster ride through his personal experiences and knowledge. Compassionately, he guides you to reach out for those stars, and at the same time, keep your feet on the ground.

Listening to this audio, you will discover everything you need to know to live a very very successful life- from setting and defining your goals to achieving your goals against the worst odds….and along the way ask the question, “Am I TRUE to myself?”- the question that defines all of us.

In a nutshell – you could be one of those individuals whose feet are already planted on the path to success and ready for whatever life could possibly throw their way!

What this package includes:

15 hours of in-depth audio recordings that take you through everything you need to know about how you can achieve your goals and turn your life around!
At least one additional hour of audio sessions each and every single week!
An honest disclosure on how you can achieve total self awareness by applying natures laws in your daily life, and push the boundaries across all areas of your life – health, wealth, personal and business relationships, as well as your own personal happiness and peace of mind!
Bonus Gift: “Seven Basic Laws of Nature” – e-BOOK (light version)

“there is no secret to anything. just ask the right question. everything will be revealed to you.”


Listen to what others have to say:

Joyce Lim
This moment is the best part of my life – I met the speaker, attended
his seminars, read his books, and now listening to his audio – the teachings are simply the truth. I have learnt so much through his personal experiences and knowledge. His talks have inspired me to be my best that I didn’t even know I could. Most importantly, I learnt that everything begins now with what we have in hand.

What is life? I didn’t have a proper answer. I was merely living a robotic life, just like everybody else around me. I attended the seminar the speaker held.
And I awoke from my long dream. From then onwards, I started to actually live my life, not just exist. I am not there yet, but I know I will be there – successful career, family, health, wealth and everything else.

I was looking for an answer in life, i didn’t even know to what. Then,voila!
This is it!I know exactly, now, what i am looking for, how I want to live my life
and a successful one at that. His teachings have guided me back to my heart
and put me in align on my path. I have stopped looking for answers elsewhere. Everything I need is here.


To me, this is the truth that I have always been looking for,and I believe everyone else is too. The message is delivered in the exact way I can digest and so would everyone else – it is that simple. I see myself putting into practise the wisdom shared in the audio, mainly listening to my heart -that matters a lot to me. Even though I am challenged in some matters, i am having fun discovering myself.

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EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. and it must be a good one that you are reading this today. THERE IS NO ACCIDENT ABOUT THIS. LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO…you will know!


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