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By The Uneducated One

WOW!€ thats how I felt over the weekend! I had a ball of a
time. It felt good to conduct the two-day program after a long
time. Since I was busy with trading, a few classes proposed
earlier had to be postponed. Hence, I was really looking forward
for this class.

Usually, most seats would be booked earlier since this public
program is conducted only once a year. Participants are mostly
my book readers, those seeking to know more about themselves
and, of course, those who are working towards their goals in

This class was a mix group of participants from all levels of
organization, and they blended very well with each other. The
program covers theory (25%) and practical (75%); I concentrate
less on the theory as I believe practicality creates more

In relating to the workings of Natures Laws, I use many real
life examples that participants can relate to. Practical
examples enable participants to relate easily to their past and
current thoughts, words and actions.







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Many of them were fascinated with the workings of Natures Laws.
One of the participants said during the break, I never thought
that Natures Laws worked that precisely, without taking any
break, 24 hours. I was definitely wrong to assume that they
worked only when I was aware of them!€ Even though there were
not many questions from the floor, the few questions forwarded
were indeed deep and thought provoking. Later, the Mutiara team
comprising of my past participants, also agreed that the
questions forwarded were soul-searching. Actually, questions
from participants bring the best out of me. It creates an
opportunity for me to relate to my experiences in life.

There was also one particular moment of nostalgia; one of the
participants who had read my books more than once, enquired of
my late spiritual Master whom I have mentioned in the book.
Gladly, I shared with them some of the experiences I had with my
Master. Memories flooded my mind. At the end of the second day,
the participants left with a happy feeling, with greater
awareness. A few told me personally that they would do their
best to change their thoughts, words and actions, in sync with
Natures Laws, and work seriously towards their goals. I smiled,
truly overjoyed to hear that.

Later, the Mutiara team headed for its big dinner as we always
do after conducting every two days program. That night, when my
head hit the pillow, my mind drifted back to my spiritual
Master, I miss You very much, my beloved Master!€ Tears welled
up in my eyes. Yes, He is always with me, watching and guiding

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