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By The Uneducated One

Yesterday, 18th August 2007, I took some rest after the chaotic
day in the markets on 17th August 2007 which I had blogged here.
I was in Starbucks at Berjaya Times Square rather early in the
morning. I ordered my favorite chicken sandwiches and a mug of
their signature hot chocolate and settled down at my favorite
place! Perfect!

I spent about twenty minutes browsing through the newspaper.
Then I called my futures broker to discuss about what happened
on 17th August 2007. It is my habit to discuss with her about
the previous day trading, especially, an important trading like
on that day. Although my partner and I made some serious money
at the end of the trading day, we DID leave quite a handsome sum
on the table.

I asked for her thoughts and suggestions with regards to our
trading. My broker does not trade; she just executes her
clients orders. Thus, she has an unbiased view on the markets.
This helps me a fair bit. And she is also absolutely frank about
her opinions; her frankness helps my partner and I improve,
though. Now, it is extremely important that analysis is made on
previous performances to take note of the positives and
negatives in order to improve ones skills. This is an integral
part of achieving ones goals. However, this is where most
people fail.

Just as I thought, my broker and her team were also pretty
shaken and worried at their end, because the positions my
partner and I were holding were quite substantial! However, it
felt good to know that she and her boss had absolute faith in
our abilities and our credit standing; as such, they just
executed our orders without any doubts. We discussed further on
the trading strategy we used during those moments.

As I ended the telephone conversation with her, my wife called
to remind me that it was 18th August, 2007 and it was Ms.
Kasthuris birthday! Ms. Kasthuri is an integral part of Mutiara
Power Packed Training Programs team. She attended my training
program a few years back and has been applying the ideas and
insights, faithfully. Since then, her life has improved,
tremendously. She had plenty of ups and downs in her life, and
has been handling them really well. She has gained sincere
respect from me as well as the others around her.

Over the years, she has helped a number of people improve their
lives. Just as the other Mutiara team members, she volunteers
without being asked whenever Mutiara needs help during training
sessions. She is truly a dear friend and very close to my heart.
Later in the evening, a few of the team members were to gather
and celebrate her birthday at our place. I told my wife I will
join them. I continued to work on my blogs. I had a good lunch
and was contemplating to go for a movie but decided against it
because I might be late for the birthday celebration. I took LRT
(Light Rail Transit) at the Hang Tuah station and headed home to
Sri Petaling. I had an interesting conversation with one of the
commuters on the train. That was the first time I met him.
Actually, he was talking and I was basically just listening. He
was sharing with me about how difficult it was to make a living.
He was going through some crisis in his business and I suppose
he just felt like telling someone. He finished his story just as
the train approached my stop. I said to him to never give up and
have faith in Nature. As I stepped out of the train, I looked
back and said to him that he would always be in my good
thoughts. For the first time throughout the journey, I saw him
smile and he thanked me. I took a slow walk back home, feeling
grateful to Nature for allowing me to do what I love and living
the kind of life I live; challenging yet enjoyable.

Later in the evening, a number of the Mutiara core team members
turned up for Kasthuris birthday party. They were all being
their normal jovial selves. We had a lovely time. I am sure
Kasthuri enjoyed it very much.

Happy birthday, dear! You are always in my good thoughts.








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