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By The Uneducated One

Recently, I had a meeting with a participant who has an
interesting past. The purpose of the meeting was to work on his
goals to be a successful businessman.

Many years back, this person was a gangster and was feared by
many. One not-so-fine-day, he was caught by the police and
thrown into jail. He said that even though he was involved in a
lot of vices against the law, he was never caught. But this
time, he got caught for someone elses vice; due to
circumstances, it looked as though he did it. He chided, This
is what I cant understand. Why punish me for something I didnt

He endured hard times when he was in prison and brought much
agony to his parents who did their best to help him out.
Thankfully, with relevant evidence, he was eventually pardoned
by the court.

He said, Whenever I think about that part of my life,
especially the moments I spent in the prison and the pain my
parents went through, I feel very hurt. I cannot accept that I
was punished for something I did not do. I agree that I caused
chaos in the eyes of the laws, but I dont think I deserve a
time in the jail! Why was Nature unfair to me?€

I could not help, but laugh! He was taken aback. I said to him
in a firm voice, For someone in the wrong, you sure have the
guts to ask why Nature was unfair to you! The truth is, my dear
friend, Nature was being very fair to you and you should be
grateful for that, and not question its work!€

He was shocked at my sharpness. Probably, he was expecting
sympathy from me. I said, The great law, Energy Returns Back to
Source, ensures that your thoughts, words and actions return
back to you! How great the blessing and how severe the
punishment depends very much on the positive or negative quality
of your thoughts, words and actions. One more thing that
determines the blessing or the punishment you get is the element
of time. The longer the cycle takes to return back, the greater
the blessings or the more extreme the punishment would be. It is
like borrowing money from the bank; the longer you take to
settle, the more the interest you have to pay!€

I took a deep breath and continued, Consider this; what if one
of the persons whom you threatened or hurt during your gangster
days was supposed to become a great leader and help the nation
grow to greater heights. Unfortunately, due to your actions, he
developed fear, became timid and unfit to become a leader. Due
to this action, you have deprived millions of this persons
inspiration and leadership! Now, is that fair?€

My participant was quiet in deep thought, a feeling of regret. I
continued, You are fortunate that Nature gave you a short stint
in the prison, and not with more severe punishment as incurable
disease, etc. You should be extremely grateful to Nature, my
friend; Nature gave you the problem (to cleanse) and got you out
of it, immediately. That shows how much Nature loves you. It is
not wise to question the wisdom of Nature. It has been around
before you and I and it will continue to be around even after we
are long gone. NATURE IS WISE BEYOND MEASURE. Learn to trust and
have faith in it. You may manipulate Man-made Laws, but never
Natures Laws! Natures Laws are always working and it keeps
account of everything and anything! All dues must be settled and
all rewards must be bestowed upon! This is how it works.€

In that moment of solemn silence, my participant nodded, tears
in his eyes. He said, I never looked at it that way. It is
absolutely difficult for me to accept this, but I do understand
it better, now.€

I said, Be patient and allow Nature to teach you,
wholeheartedly. It takes time, but you have to start somewhere.
For the moment, start with what you have, your GOALS.€

He smiled. We started working on his goals. Later, he left with
a lighter heart.

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  • shanthini says:

    dear Mr Author,

    Your recent blogs have been truly enlightening and insightful.I don’t just read them, but I seriously and sincerely put into practise all the insights and wisdom you are generously sharing with us through these blogs.I strongly believe it is the same with thousands of other readers, all around the world. Thank you.

    I presume you are too busy, now, to update your blogs.Well, why not blog on what you are busy about. Your blogs give me clues whether I am living my life the way I am suppose to live, whether I am LIVING THE TRUTH. Yes, things have become harder since I became aware that all my heart wants is to live the truth, but your blogs keep reassuring that I am on the right path, and the shower of love and blessing through your writing keep me going. Please continue writing no matter how busy you are. i believe thousands of readers feel the same.

    Always your number one fan,

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