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By The Uneducated One

I have been quite ill the past few days. This is very rare.
Normally, I would cure myself through meditation and breathing
exercises. However, this time I chose to get my doctors advice
as it was quite serious.

I had a huge pimple on the left side of my nose. My body was
burning hot. And not enough with that discomfort, I poked the
pimple by accident and it burst!

Those who have knowledge in the human body and ancient science,
you would be aware that the triangular zone starting from the
point at the middle of the two eyebrows to the left, and right
part of the nose is an extremely vulnerable zone. Even modern
medicine agrees with this. Any problems in this area can lead to
brain inflammation and other serious complications!

According to the ancient science, there are two powerful subtle
nerves that flow through the nose; one representing the sun
(heat) in the right nostril, and the other representing the moon
(cool) in the left nostril. Both combined, balances the
temperature of the body.

Usually, when I am ill, I do breathing exercises by bringing
both these nerves into balance, and through meditation I heal
the illness. This time, it was different. I felt the moon€
nerve not functioning well, and the sun€ nerve working too
well!  This was one of the main reasons that my body temperature
was rising. I could not do anything much; the very tools that I
use to manage my body is not in proper working order!

My doctor had a good laugh listening to my diagnosis and
jokingly asked whether I had a remedy for that as well. I said
that young coconut water could be healing, but a bit of modern
medicine would help, too. He clapped his hand and said,
Marvelous! Let me give you the jab, now!€

In a curious manner, since the doctor knew I was involved with
Natures Laws, he asked me what Nature was trying to tell me
with this episode.

Probably, I am working too hard. At the moment, I am focusing
on various projects, simultaneously. It is time to take a
break.€ Although, I got the message, subtly, I chose to ignore
that and instead told him, I suppose Nature has made its point
with this!€

We both laughed at that. My doctor requested that I come again
for the next few days to ensure that I cure perfectly. Well,
even though this break is nice, I do wish to get back on my
toes, as soon as possible!

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