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By The Uneducated One

I had an exciting weekend. K.L.Tan, a friend and also a fellow
trader, and I conducted a training program entitled Bona Fide
Trader: Successful Trading Program (Level 1 & 2).

It was a seminar on trading stocks and futures markets. My
session was for four hours, which is one part of a bigger two
days program (over two weekends, two Saturdays). While K.L.Tan
covered the basics and the technical aspects of trading, I
related trading to the seven basic Laws of Nature and how
goal-setting is important to become a successful financial
markets trader.


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I was all excited; I have been trading for a very long time
(starting 1991, and seriously from 1996), but this was the first
time I was sharing and teaching a group of people in a classroom
setting. Normally, I would be sharing my ideas with just a few
fellow traders, every now and then.

I had a great crowd with interesting questions. This experience
brought me back memories of my time when I was learning from my
partner about trading twelve years ago. Later, I shared my
experience in the class with my wife. I was full of gratitude as
I told her how appreciative I was of my partners patience and
wisdom in teaching me.

Yesterday, 28th September, K.L. Tan, his wife, my wife and I met
up for a quiet dinner. We discussed about the seminar; our
presentations and how we can improvise in future seminars.

The seminar gave me a truly satisfying feeling. For future
trading seminars, please contact us at Tru Attract Enterprise,

* Please note that my first book, Awareness Series: Book 1: The
Seven Basic Laws of Nature€ can be purchased in e-package at

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One Response to “A Seminar On “Trading The Futures Markets””

  • Poopathy says:

    Dear Sir,

    Would it be possible for you to see me, maybe we can meet up for tea? Recently I was lounging through a old book store in Klang and happen to chance upon your books. I purchased them and found them very interesting as it ran parallel to what I have been studying and practicing. A quick check of you spiritual masters brought you closer as I am familiar with both of them. Checking the website, I noticed you also mentor and conduct personal training classes.

    I am also familiar with equities and derivatives market, though not a trader but have been working in the BackOffice for over fifteen years.

    Reading your blog, you sound like a warm and cordial person. I would love to meet you and maybe we can share our experience and give some serious thought to our nature.

    My name is Poopathy and I reside in Puchong, Selangor. Please E-mail me, dont worry there is no obligations.


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