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By The Uneducated One

Yesterday and today, the markets were truly challenging and
unpredictable. The world markets were quite badly affected by
the US subprime loan woes. As such, my partner and I were
holding some short position in the futures and very minimal long
positions in shares.

In other words, we were expecting the markets to fall further
due to fear. When markets fall, fear naturally grips the market.
Based on my experience in the markets, fear has more
overwhelming power than greed. If you observe the world markets
charts, the markets come down much faster than they rise, most
of the time: out of fear, shareholders would just dump their

On top of all these tension in the markets, a peculiar event
took place on the way home, yesterday. My partner needed to go
to his accountants office, so we did a detour from our normal
route. I waited in the car while he went up to his accountants
office to drop off some documents. Ten minutes later, he
returned and we were on our way home. Then, suddenly my partner
realized that his mobile phone was missing! He quickly used my
phone to call the accountants office and also our trading
office to check whether it was there. It was not at both places.

Then he decided to call his mobile phone, hoping someone had
found it. Someone did answer, but the person wanted RM50 in
return for the phone! My partner was flabbergasted, but he
agreed because the phone contained the numbers of many important
contacts. Then, the person asked us to meet him at a place which
was about two kilometers away from where we were. Shaking my
head and smiling, I said, Quite an adventure we are having
today, arent we?€ My partner, too, smiled but his smile was
filled with frustration! We were already exhausted with the
unpredictable movements of the markets earlier, and not enough
with that, we had to deal with this €˜clown!

When we reached the place where the person asked us to go, my
partner called him and informed that we were there. The person
told us he was on the way to meet us.  We waited for more than
half an hour and he did not turn up! When my partner called him
again, he said he was afraid to meet us. Then, he abruptly cut
us off the line. He had decided not to return the phone! He must
have switched off the phone as my partners subsequent calls
could not go through.

I suggested to my partner to go to the telecommunication company
to cancel the line and apply for a new line. He agreed but I
could see that he was utterly frustrated to have lost the phone.
It was not the phone, I am sure, because it was a very cheap
phone. It was the list of contact numbers in the phone. Both my
partner and I do not use high-end phones. Our phones have only
two important functions; to call out and send SMS (Short
Messaging Service). We are often chided by our fellow traders
for using €˜dinosaur-age phones!

We headed back to the building where our office was located.
There was a branch of the telecommunications company there. I
waited in the car as my partner went to cancel and apply a new
line. About twenty minutes later, I saw him walking back with
two cones of ice-cream in his hands. He looked happy! He passed
one to me and said, Baskin Robbins ice-cream tastes really
good.€ It really did! And he got a new telephone line.

As we headed home, I said, Probably Nature wanted us to go
through this experience so that we get to enjoy this ice-cream!€
We both looked at each other and started laughing.

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