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By The Uneducated One

Today, I attended a good friends wedding reception, Fu Phui
See, who is also my Personal Physical Fitness Trainer. She is
actually the younger sister of Steven, who markets my e-book,

Trading the world markets, my mind is constantly analyzing and
working out new ways of trading and investing. However, the same
doesnt apply to my body. As I come home every evening, I am
normally exhausted. My duty continues, though, despite the
tiredness. After work, I attend meetings with my Personal
Coaching participants, or the many businesses that I am an
advisor to: I simply have no time for other activities.
Naturally, to a great extent, I have neglected my body over the
last few years.

Early this year, my partner fell ill due to a slight block in
his heart. I have blogged about it here. At the same time, a few
close friends and participants were also falling ill and they
came back with the same comment from their doctors, €˜Lack of
physical exercise.

Personally, this is a wake-up call from Nature!  I need to get
back into shape. I am also aware that my mind would perform
better if my body is in better shape. Therefore, I decided to
hire a Personal Trainer. It costs some money, but what is the
point of having all the money in the world when you are not






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Phui See is an excellent Personal Trainer. She has helped me
lose weight and build body stamina. Also, as I am getting back
into shape, I find my performance in trading improving
tremendously; my mind works faster and is also more aware of
things. She basically builds her program around the schedules of
her client and the workouts are customized to meet the clients
requirements. This flexibility in time schedule allows me to
continue with my normal activities. And this turned out to be
another goal-oriented activity in my life. If you are keen to
know more, Phui See can be contacted at 012-6983032.






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Anyway, to Phui See and her husband, Ong Jia Bin, I wish you
both a very happy married life.

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