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By The Uneducated One

A few days ago, my business partner and I met a friend, whom I
have always regarded with great respect. Please excuse me, here,
for I do not have his permission to mention his name. We met up
for a cup of tea.

This friend is a CEO of a public listed company in Singapore. I
have known him for only two years. My partner has known him for
a long time; they grew up together, as neighbors, in Cameron
Highlands. During their younger days, they worked really hard to
help their family grow vegetables and sell in the market. My
friend studied hard and finished his tertiary studies despite
all odds and challenges.

Later, he started a business, and slowly worked on it to be
listed as a public company it is, today. I can, confidently, say
that he is worth at least a few hundreds million ringgit. A
truly rags to riches story. However, not many know the tough
times and obstacles that he went through to be where he is, now;
this includes temporary defeats in the form of business failures
in the early days.

However, he persevered through time and turmoil. He never gave
up and stood to his goals. His goals kept him rooted on the path
he had chosen and guided him well along the way. What is most
admirable about this great man is his generous and simple heart
wanting to see others around him to be successful, too.

He had helped many people, especially his employees who stood by
him during good and bad times. Much of his time and money were
dedicated to charities and needy individuals. This humble and
divine act is still being practiced by him. The amount that he
had given out is truly mind boggling; rarely one would want to
give away so much of his/her hard earned money, especially to
someone one doesnt know!

Dear readers, this great mans generous act is rewarded
wondrously; as per Law of Energy Returns Back to Source, Nature
has blessed him with abundance in many folds, all the way!
Despite the praises and the fame that came with his service to
humanity, he remains truly HUMBLE. On top of that, he continues
to learn from the people around him, without any judgment! He
listens more, rather than talking, when in the company of
people. He welcomes ideas from all, on how to benefit the
shareholders more. Indeed a grand personality!

He treats shareholders with great reverence; he regards the
shareholders as his boss. He truly values them. I, personally,
witnessed this act once when my partner brought one of the
shareholders to see him. He took the effort to bring the
shareholder to tour the whole factory himself, and also
introduce his top people in the company. The personal attention
impressed the shareholder that he immediately increased his
shareholding, the next day.

Dear readers, I can go on and on about this wonderful soul.
Whether he is aware or not, he is naturally working in-tune with
Natures Laws! Suffice to say in my books, he is truly a great
man and I am grateful to have known him. One can learn so much
from him.

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